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Note:  The big time and the small time.  Would be interesting to learn where the Barrett, if it really is one, came from.  Very little chance of getting the useful details, make, model, and s/n.  Puerto Penasco, AKA "Rocky Point" is a major turist destination a short drive south of AZ. 

Seize weapons, one Barret .50  and armored cars
Details Published on Friday June 19, 2015,
Written by Drafting / The Journal

Puerto Penasco.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR), through the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the Deputy Regional Control, Criminal Proceedings and Amparo, through its Delegation in Sonora, recovered different weapons in a search warrant, held in a home in the colony Luis Donaldo Colosio in Puerto Penasco.

Derived from an investigation of a crime against health, against person or persons responsible, the operation was authorized by the Federal Seventh Criminal Judge, specializing in searches, investigations,  and Intervention Communications, residing in Mexico, Federal District.

With support from elements of the AIC and the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), the prosecutor of the Federation said six  AK-47's, better known as "goat horn;  and a Barret .50 caliber rifle.

Also, two 50 caliber magazines, and 8 boxes of cartridges for the same caliber.; six handguns;  a grenade, two armored vehicles and a Ford pickup.


PEI stops two individuals in possession of firearms
Details Published on Friday June 19, 2015,
Written by Drafting / El Diario 


They confiscated a stolen motorcycle, drugs and  also accused them of rape.
They derived from a complaint of rape and illegal deprivation of liberty, elements of the State Police Investigator of the operational base of Bácum arrested two individuals in possession of firearms, drugs and a motorcycle with theft report.
It is Carlos Alberto Galaviz Corrales and Gilberto López Castro, 27 and 29 years respectively; both domiciled in this population.
The arrest of these individuals was conducted by elements of the PEI after they received an order of investigation rotated by the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office which stemmed from a complaint filed by a 19 years old on June 12 in which it stated that the detainees had now deprived of freedom and that one of them had sexually abused her.

So after carrying out intelligence work and research, on Monday June 15, around 15:30 hours, the agents placed the detainees today Boulevard Rodolfo Felix Valdez and Constitution Street when observing a motorcycle, which had been reported stolen in Bácum.

Noting the presence of the agents,  Gilberto  and Carlos Alberto tried to flee but were caught meters ahead. On performing a search found Gilberto, had tucked at the waist, a .45 caliber with with four rounds of ammunition and a bullet in the chamber. As well as seven envelopes containing marijuana and 250 pesos, proceeds from the sale of the drug. 

Meanwhile with Carlos Alberto they found a backpack inside which carried a .357 caliber revolver with a cartridge in the cylinder; plus 11 transparent plastic wrappers containing marijuana and 950 pesos, proceeds from the sale of that grass.

The detainees, motorcycles, drugs, firearms and money were put at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office, who yesterday the appropriated within the period required by law, for crimes against health in the form of drug dealing in their conduct of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trade.

Likewise, the Social Representative of appeared before a judge and requested an arrest warrant on charges of rape and unlawful imprisonment. Also, to the Public Prosecutor's Office for the carrying of firearms.


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