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Note: "may have procured their weapons through an illegal channel"
There are no "legal" channels for these in France nor the rest of the EU.
It has also been observed that much of the "traffic" is run by "immigrants/refugees" from the balkans.

Especially the Albanians and Bosnians, and more than a few of the other ethnic groups.
Forget not that much, if not most, of the world's arms trafficking is to serve the agendas or feed the corruption of various governments.
Algerian and other crime / terror organizations seem to be primary customers we are told.
A article in RTL claims they got the weapons in a Belgium black market, but not too sure about that.
Like much of western Europe, Belgium also has a "immigrant" problem.

BTW, Coulibaly had vid (on French media) with a krinkov AK variant. Le Figaro reports he also had a Tokarev pistol


Where are the guns in France coming from?
Military-class arms are illegal in France, but experts see influx from conflict zones, countries with looser regulations
January 9, 2015 3:10PM ET
by Colette Davidson


PARIS — The AK-47s and rocket launcher apparently used in this week's attacks in France have raised the question of how such weapons are getting into a country with strict gun laws — and where they are coming from.

The Wednesday massacre at Paris' Charlie Hebdo office, which left 12 dead, and Friday's Montrouge shooting of a police officer and hostage situation at Porte de Vincennes were all carried out with weapons that are illegal in France.

In France individuals, except for certified collectors, are prohibited from owning military-class arms. Those hoping to possess a handgun or hunting rifle in France must pass a stringent background check and a mental health evaluation and must obtain a license.

While semi- and fully automatic firearms are illegal in France, they have become increasingly common in recent years. The Paris-based National Observatory for Delinquency, a government body created in 2003, reports that the number of illegal weapons in France has been steadily increasing by double-digit percentages for the last several years.

In October 2014, raids of several homes in four corners of France revealed stashes of hundreds of weapons, including assault rifles, machine guns and automatic pistols. Forty-eight people were arrested in what was discovered to be a major Internet weapon-trafficking ring, with its headquarters thought to be in Paris.

Most of the arms found on the black market in France and other Western European countries hail from countries with a proliferation of guns and loose or poorly enforced regulations or are trafficked from conflict zones, according to experts.

"One of the reasons we see a lot of Kalashnikovs and AK-47s on the black market is because Russia has just upgraded the Kalashnikov, and that has created massive stockpiles of the older models," said Kathie Lynn Austin, an expert on arms trafficking and the director of the Conflict Awareness Project, an international nongovernmental organization dedicated to investigating major arms traffickers.

Weapons left over from wars are also often trafficked across borders, which was the case after the Libyan revolution in 2011. The New York–based nonprofit Foreign Policy Association says that there are millions of weapons from the conflict and there is little regulation by government officials.

"There are definitely concerns of these weapons making their way into Western Europe," says Glenn McDonald, a senior researcher at the Geneva-based research group Small Arms Survey.

Austin said some governments enter into what she calls the gray market trade, in which arms sold legally can end up on the black market. "This involves weapons that originate from a legal government transfer," she said, "but when they arm proxy forces to carry out their national security agendas, they may use illicit channels or black market arms brokers to carry out the deal."

There are approximately 1,000 manufacturers of legal weapons in nearly 100 countries. The governments of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council — Russia, China, the U.S., the U.K. and France — are the main exporters, and Western European nations like Germany and Belgium also export significant stocks.

Experts say arms brokers play a primary role in black market trafficking, often forging government documents or licenses to complete deals.

France's government tightened its regulations on illegal arms possession in 2012, approving longer jail terms and bigger fines for those in possession of illicit weapons after Mohamed Merah shot and killed seven people in Toulouse. But it's unclear how stringently the laws have been enforced.

McDonald said it is possible that the suspects involved in the Charlie Hebdo attacks may have procured their weapons through an illegal channel — through an arms broker in France or by making a cross-border trip to acquire one — but for now, their source is unknown.

According to him, Europe has been hesitant to conform to stricter directives when it comes to the illicit arms trade because of the red tape and cost involved. But the latest attacks are likely to change that, and the European Union has moved toward putting in place stronger regulations in recent years.

In 2013, Interpol created a centralized tracking system, the Illicit Arms Records and Tracing Management System (iARMS), for Interpol member countries to report lost, stolen, trafficked and smuggled firearms. And Europol, the EU's law enforcement agency, said in a communications document that year that disrupting illicit manufacturing and trafficking in firearms would be one of its priorities for 2014 through 2017.

The initiative includes looking at the rise in e-trafficking, the sale and purchase of illicit firearms over the Internet.

Many final purchases of illegal arms take place over the Internet, with payment methods in place like bitcoin that make it almost impossible to trace buyers. With a few clicks, users can purchase an AK-47 for less than $2,000.


Computer translated from RTL.

Several weapons of the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly come from Belgium
Published January 13, 2015 at 2:39 p.m.

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Kouachi coulibaly Weapon Charlie Hebdo
The machine gun Coulibaly from Belgium. Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers Kouachi brothers have also been purchased in Brussels, near the Gare du Midi. The investigation is ongoing on the group of terrorists.

The information was published by the DH on Tuesday, which claims to have "very good sources." According to our colleagues, departmental authorities have confirmed that the weapon used by Amedy Coulibaly comes from Brussels. The weapon was used by the terrorists during the hostage taking of the Porte de Vincennes.

Kalashnikovs and grenade launchers bought for € 5000 in Brussels

Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers used by Kouachi brothers have also been purchased in Brussels for just € 5000 around the South Station. This is not the first time that Coulibaly, Kouachi and other terrorists were using Belgium to obtain weapons. The terrorist cell allegedly tried to buy some to organize the escape of Smain Ait Ali Belkacem and other extremist leaders.

"We need two calibers, ten grenades, [...] negotiates a low price"

According to the news website Mediapart, a note was found by a member of the cell, addressed to an accomplice. "We need two Kalashes, two calibers, ten grenades. Try to be as fast as you need it. It is for you to talk to the brother who sells arms. My brother does not know, then negotiate a low price, "read the note.

The investigation progresses into accomplices

To finance their arsenal, the Kouachi brothers seem to have made counterfeiting and trafficking. Their possible source of financing in Yemen is under investigation. And authorities are investigating the group and accomplices of terrorists. The objective is to determine if there is a more structured cell.

In Bulgaria, a French person was arrested on 1 January for attempting to visit Syria is suspected of being linked to Sherif Kouachi. He should soon be extradited to France. The companion of Amedy Coulibaly is actively sought. Hayat Boumeddiene was seen in a Turkish airport on January 2, before moving to Syria a few days later. In Turkey, she was accompanied by a man whose entourage is known to French intelligence services for membership in the radical movement.

"he sank into crime following the death of his friend"

Gradually, the investigators are able to reconstruct the past murderers. d;Amedyy Coulibaly went from delinquency to jihadism has its origin in an arrest that turned tragic in September 2000. Then aged 17, he and his best friend, Ali, were arrested following a motorcycle theft. But the intervention goes bad, and a police trainee kills the accomplice of Amedy Coulibaly.

The officer received a dismissal, so qu'Amedy Coulibaly was arrested and convicted. According to a former close acquaintance, the behavior of the young man has changed dramatically after the event. "It was a very respectful person, discreet. He fell into delinquency in September 2000, following the death of his friend. It has stuck to the bottom of his heart. He was imprisoned, and his father died. he asked the judge to have an outlet for the funeral, and the judge refused. All this has had an impact, "says former a friend.

The time in prison d'Amedy Coulibaly likely played a role in his drift toward radicalism. Indeed, the man met Cherif Kouachi in 2005 during his incarceration. Of that time was born a continuous link between all killers. Now converted to jihadism, they were ready to commit terrorist acts.


Plusieurs armes des frères Kouachi et de Coulibaly viennent de Belgique

Publié le 13 janvier 2015 à 14h39 | 2235 | 8 réactions
Plusieurs armes des frères Kouachi et de Coulibaly viennent de Belgique
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kouachi coulibaly Arme Charlie Hebdo
Le fusil-mitrailleur de Coulibaly vient de Belgique. La Kalachnikov et le lance-roquettes des frères Kouachi auraient également été achetés à Bruxelles, près de la gare du Midi. L'enquête se poursuit sur l'entourage des terroristes.

L'information a été publiée par la DH ce mardi, qui affirme disposer de "très bonnes sources". D'après nos confrères, les instances ministérielles ont confirmé que le fusil-mitrailleur utilisé par Amedy Coulibaly vient de Bruxelles. L'arme a été utilisée par le terroriste durant la prise d'otages de la Porte de Vincennes.

Une Kalachnikov et un lance-roquettes achetés 5.000 € à Bruxelles

La Kalachnikov et le lance-roquettes utilisés par les frères Kouachi auraient aussi été achetés à Bruxelles pour à peine 5.000€ aux alentours de la gare du Midi. Ce n'est pas la première fois que Coulibaly, Kouachi et d'autres terroristes faisaient appel à la Belgique pour obtenir des armes. La cellule terroriste aurait tenté d'en acheter pour organiser l'évasion de Smaïn Aït Ali Belkacem et d'autres leaders extrémistes.

"On a besoin de deux calibres, dix grenades, […] négocie un prix bas"

D'après le site d'information Mediapart, un mot a été trouvé chez un membre de la cellule, adressé à un complice. "On a besoin de deux kalachs, de deux calibres, dix grenades. Essaye de faire au plus vite car on en a besoin. C'est à toi de parler avec le frère qui vend les armes. Mon frère ne connaît rien, alors négocie un prix bas", indiquait le mot.

L'enquête sur les complices progresse

Pour financer leur arsenal, les frères Kouachi semblent avoir fait de la contrefaçon et du trafic. Leur possible source de financement au Yémen est en cours d'investigation. Et les autorités sont en train d'enquêter sur l'entourage et les complices des terroristes. L'objectif est de déterminer s'il existe une cellule plus structurée.

BulgarieEn Bulgarie, un Français arrêté le 1er janvier pour avoir tenté de se rendre en Syrie est soupçonné d'être en lien avec Chérif Kouachi. Il devrait être rapidement extradé en France. La compagne d'Amedy Coulibaly est activement recherchée. Hayat Boumeddiene a été aperçue dans un aéroport turque le 2 janvier, avant de passer en Syrie quelques jours plus tard. En Turquie, elle était accompagnée par un homme dont l'entourage est connu des services de renseignement français pour appartenance à la mouvance radicale.


"Il a sombré dans la délinquance suite à la mort de son copain"

Petit à petit, les enquêteurs parviennent à reconstituer le passé des meurtriers. Le basculement d'Amedy Coulibaly de la délinquance au jihadisme trouverait son origine dans une arrestation qui a tourné au drame en septembre 2000. Alors âgé de 17 ans, lui et son meilleur ami, Ali, sont arrêtés suite à un vol de moto. Mais l'intervention dérape, et un stagiaire de police tue le complice d'Amedy Coulibaly.

Le policier a bénéficié d'un non-lieu, alors qu'Amedy Coulibaly a été arrêté et condamné. D'après un ancien proche, le comportement du jeune homme a radicalement changé suite à cet évènement. "C'était une personne très respectueuse, discrète. Il a sombré dans la délinquance en septembre 2000, suite à la mort de son copain. Ça lui est resté au fond de son cœur. Il a été incarcéré, et son père est décédé. Il a demandé au juge d'avoir une sortie pour l'enterrement, et le juge a refusé. Tout ça a eu un impact", explique l'ancien ami.

Le passage en prison d'Amedy Coulibaly a vraisemblablement joué un rôle dans sa dérive vers le radicalisme. En effet, l'homme a rencontré Chérif Kouachi en 2005 durant son incarcération. De cette époque est né un lien continu entre tous les tueurs. Désormais convertis au jihadisme, ils étaient prêts à commettre des actes terroristes.


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