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AZMEX EXTRA 25-11-14


Note: First two of local interest in Sonora. (computer english) Sonoyta across the fence from Lukeville, AZ

Posted November 22, 2014, 3:13 a.m.
Confiscated arsenal in "San Emeterio"
The tractor and trailer were secured by military and Customs personnel in Sonoyta.
They were transferred to Michoacan when detected by the military
Sonoyta, Sonora - Nuevo Dia

An arsenal of eight machine guns(rifles) and five pistols on the way to the State of Michoacan, was secured by a Customs officer at the port of Sonoyta.
According to official reports, military personnel at the Customs POE of "San Emeterio", in coordination with staff of the Tax Administration secured the weapons hidden in a truck from Tijuana and was headed to Uruapan, Michoacán.

Officers detected irregularities, so a thorough review was conducted, ensuring eight rifles, four of which were of 5.56 mm, three from 7.62 x 51 mm, and one of 7.62 x 39 mm. In addition to five pistols, two 9mm, a .40 caliber and a .45 inch caliber.
In the hidden compartments, officers found 33 magazines for different weapons five scopes, grips and holster.

In the operation arrested the driver, whose identity was not disclosed and seized the vehicle.
The arrested and items were made available to the Federal Public Ministry of the municipality of General Plutarco Elias Calles, was reported.


Take weapons and vehicles in raid on the Embarcadero
Details Published on Tuesday November 25, 2014,
Written by Cesar Barragan / El Diario

Weapons, drugs and two vehicles were seized from inside a house in the Embarcadero colony, during a raid conducted by members of the Mexican Army and PGR personnel of the border.
Official reports indicate that on Friday afternoon that military personnel of the 45th Zone arrived at the Río Conchos number 277 near the corner of Calle Puerto Veracruz, said colony where they secured the property.
It was until yesterday a Federal Public Ministry in coordination with ministerial and military staff officers, entered the building where they located several packages with drugs.
They were also secured several guns of various calibers, cartridges and two vehicles, a wagon Jeep Cherokee Expedition black color and white van, two cars of late models.
After two hours of activity within the home, the authorities referred pulled cars, weapons and drugs, to seal the doors, leaving military custody, the matter was made available to the federal prosecutor in charge.


Note: From the capitol, as with most other countries, the "gun laws" do not usually apply to the ruling class.

three bodyguards of Angel Aguirre arrested with prohibited weapons
They were arrested while transporting in a SUV assault rifles and pistols exclusive use of the Armed Forces
11/25/2014 7:56 Drafting
The weapons seized from the three bodyguards assumptions

MEXICO CITY, 25 November.- Three escorts of former governor of Guerrero Angel Aguirre were arrested in Mexico City with weapons including assault rifles and other weapons for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

The arrest was carried out as policemen Ministry of Public Security thanks to a citizen complaint that warned of the presence of a white van with armed men in southern Mexico City.

2 assault rifles AR-15; 2 pistol Pietro Beretta 9 mm caliber and a Galil rifle guards carried

The Guerrero state policemen did not carry the craft of collaboration that allows them the carrying of weapons in the Federal District.

Reports of the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF) establish that the persons mentioned were arrested on Sunday in the San Jerónimo, colony Tizapán San Angelo, aboard a Jeep Grand Cherokee white.

After the citizen complaint, dispatchers of the Control Center and Command C2 Poniente detected the presence of the suspect vehicle, carrying plates 714 ZAC and tinted windows, so they ordered the soldiers to practice a preventive review .

The capital police reached the van on Guerrero and ordered off the occupants, who were identified with government plates as Romero Guerrero Fajardo Rueda; Rebollar Edgar Benitez and Mario Sebastián González Reyes, members of the Security Coordination Air Transport, a group created in 2005 by the then governor of Guerrero Zeferino Torreblanca.

The arrested today in the van carrying two assault rifles AR-15; Pietro Beretta pistols caliber 9 mm and Galil rifle brand. They were taken to the Public Ministry of Álvaro Obregón 4, to determine responsibilities.

The three men told the prosecutor that the ex governor, Angel Aguirre Rivero ordered them pick up a friend in the area.

Aguirre Rivero requested leave from his post as governor of Guerrero on 24 October, to social pressure for the disappearance of 43 students of the Normal Rural School "Raúl Isidro Burgos" Ayotzinapa, on 26 September in the city of Iguala .

So far the ex governor has not declared to the authorities investigating the disappearance of the normal school.


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