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Note: would be surprise if they are found, even more of a surprise if they were charged with all the fed violations involved.

Border Patrol seize stolen guns, drugs and vehicles
By Phil Villarreal.

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - In a series of busts, U.S. Border Patrol agents seized more than $170,000 worth of marijuana, as well as a loaded AK-47 and 9mm, silencer-equipped handgun and two stolen vehicles.

On Monday in Marana, helicopter unit-assisted agents from the Special Operations Division stopped a vehicle they suspected was involved in smuggling. A suspect ran away from the vehicle as agents approached. In addition to the guns, drugs and vehicles, agents found magazines and ammunition. They also discovered a second stolen vehicle nearby.

The bust followed a Sept. 25 incident in Arivaca, in which agents found a .45-caliber handgun, loaded magazines, several bags of ammunition and 44.1 grams of marijuana inside an abandoned backpack.

Also, on Sept. 22, agents arrested two U.S. citizens agents say were smuggling a Mexican national who was carrying a loaded handgun and ammunition.


Note: Have not yet been able to get any details

Monday, September 15, 2014

· They introduced high-powered weapons to Mexico from USA.
· It was recorded before a district judge this network leader and two of this criminal group.

The Attorney General's Office, through the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO), with support from the Criminal Investigation Agency in coordination with the Federal Police, dismantled in Nogales, Sonora, a dedicated network to traffic high-powered weapons, from the United States to Mexico.

The Public Prosecutor's Office attached to the SEIDO, after a investigation, identified, and found the location, of a network dedicated to arms trafficking to Mexico.

With the support of members of the Criminal Investigation Agency and members of the Federal Police, served search warrants in several buildings in the city of Nogales, Sonora.

Due to the above, the arrest of three members of the criminal organization including the group leader, who was in charge of purchasing and direct the transfer of weapons to Mexican territory is, where they were sold to members of organized crime, was achieved.

Also during the operation nine rifles, four handguns, several cartridges, a car, two buildings and various bank accounts were seized.

For all this, the three people were consigned to the judicial authority, which in turn will resolve the legal situation.

With these actions, the Government of the Republic, through the Attorney General's Office reiterates its commitment to fight organized crime with all the resources that provides the law, strict adherence to human rights and due process.


Published October 4, 2014, 1:53 a.m.
Department of Defense seizes more than two million dollars

A total of 51 marijuana plants were seized by military personnel in northern Sonora, last month.
Disclosed in the September report of activities in the region

Nogales, Sonora - Nuevo Dia

Over two million USD, 40 guns and fourteen people arrested in illegal activities, were secured by military personnel in the region during the month of September.

According to reports by the Secretariat of National Defense (Department of Defense) through the commands of the Second Military Region and the 45 / a. Military Zone, comprising Northern Sonora, arrested fourteen individuals and said the following:

6,015 kilograms of marijuana, 1,345 grams of methamphetamine, 0.039 kilograms of cocaine, 0.0008 kg of heroin, and 51 marijuana plants from an area of 12,600 square meters.

In addition, 30 rifles, ten handguns, 198 magazines, 17,773 cartridges of different calibers, eight grenades, 25 vehicles, 6,071 Mexican Pesos, and $2,157,920.00 USD .

The detainees, vehicles, weapons, drugs and cash, it was made ​​available to the appropriate authority, was reported.

"Through these actions, the Department of National Defence will contributes to the efforts of the Government of the Republic to maintain the security of the country, confirming its commitment to safeguard the peace and tranquility of the citizens", said in the statement.


Note: There is talk of another effort (buyback) to disarm citizens in Sonora, but have not yet gotten any media on it.


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